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La Mode


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  • Claire Brucker, Designer, 7th quarter
  • Greg Patton-Ash, Copywriter, 7th quarter
  • Alex Escalera, Copywriter, 7th quarter
  • Daniel Hunley, Art Director, 6th quarter


  • Design - Branding

La Mode is a Spotify brand extension... ice cream pints and trucks.

Our Mission:
Let’s take it back to when the bells of the ice cream truck are heard from around the corner. Acknowledge all bets are off as chaos ensues. Put all games on pause and gather coins from the couch.

Only today, let’s grow up just a bit. Muffle ice cream screams with rhythm and bass. Curate moods with scoops and tunes,
and shake what momma gave us.

We’ll rewind the anthems of summers past. Groove a little and put tomorrow on pause. Then discover the songs that’ll define today.
We’re looking for the rest of us who haven’t grown up.