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Come Out and Playmate – Igloo


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  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign

MICROSITE - Not much is better than a cooler full of cool treats, but a cooler full of cool prizes may be it. Every day, Igloo is going to encourage people to #ComeOutAndPlaymate to their Cooler Prizes microsite so they can win cool giveaways. Some may win stickers, free food, Igloo Playmates, and even a weekend getaway.

STICKER PACK PRIZE - To deck out your playmate with of course

PLAYMATE WHEELER - This summer, be ready to #ComeOutAndPlaymate as Igloo's Playmate Wheeler travels across the country.

SUMMER FRIDAY - Igloo will #ComeOutAndPlaymate with a Playmate Wheeler to those who have to work on a Summer Friday, giving them a well-deserved break.

Igloo would reach out to food truck areas (such as Colony Square in Atlanta) and get on their Thursday line up. Then, Igloo will take over that area’s Twitter and promote their summer Summer Friday with coupons for free food or drinks.