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Clarkston, GA Identity


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  • Daniel Bear Hunley, Developer, 6th quarter
  • Clare Davis, Copywriter, 7th quarter
  • Randall Wunder-Smith, Copywriter, 8th quarter


  • Design - Branding


  • Bronze

Clarkston, Georgia is a town of fresh starts & new beginnings. Located just 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, this small-town community of 13,500 is the most diverse square mile in Georgia, with residents with over 40 different nationalities and 60 languages. It's a liberal small-town bubble, with progressive policies like a $15 minimum wage, maternity & paternity leave, and development policies that protect the most vulnerable citizens.

We met with Ted Terry, "the hipster mayor", to discuss the town's most pressing needs. We boiled these discussions into two goals. Provide Clarkston with a visual identity that would be a source of community pride, and connect Clarkston with key players of economic development in Georgia to explain why Clarkston is worthy of consideration for new projects.