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Burger King: Don’t Fear the Morning After


  • Xochitl Orozco, Art Director, 4th quarter
  • Taylo Hagin, Copywriter, 4th quarter
  • Wesley Rhodes, Copywriter, 4th quarter
  • Lauren Byers, Art Director, 4th quarter


  • Advertising - Competitions

Candy. Costume parties. Hunch punch.

Too much hunch punch.

For college students and young professionals, October 31, 2019 is set to be a scary fun night of Halloween festivities. November 1st? Something scarier. School. Work. Reality.

Don’t fear the morning after.

Burger King awakens those dead from the night before with free BK Joe’s coffee on November 1st. Inviting everyone in for free coffee and a menu enticing with delicious menu items.