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Bird and Bird Agency


  • Duncan Spear, Art Director, 7th quarter
  • Christian Zerbel , Copywriter, 7th quarter
  • Hannah Pustilnik, Designer, 7th quarter
  • Juan Garza, Copywriter, 7th quarter


  • Advertising - Just for Fun

Human insights are exhausted and advertising is suffering as a result. The next frontier?

Bird insights.

Bird & Bird. The first agency ran by birds, for humans.

Stay tuned for more, because this agency has only just hatched.

To make McDonald’s feel more welcoming, we removed all of their roofs.

ADT came to us looking for a way to make people feel more safe. If the best security system in the world couldn’t do it, what could? Security holes. A safe-room for your face.

Ford wanted the F-150 to stand out from its competitors. So we sent flocks to poop on every Chevy in NY.

Working closely with Old Spice, we inspired and crafted their signature jingle.

Introducing a fun and entirely new way to enjoy your favorite chip.

Pringles Snack Beaks. PUT A BEAK IN YOUR BEAK.

We worked with Windex to create more stylish, neon cleaning solution, which glows brightly for all to see.