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Bandit Boxed Wine


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  • Ben Kalajainen, Copywriter, 6th quarter
  • Casey Fielder, Art Director, 6th quarter


  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign

Wine of the moment.

Bandit isn’t meant to be stowed away for years while you wait for it to come of age. In fact, if you let it sit for years, both the wine and biodegradable box will magically disappear.
This is wine for those who like to do.

Bandit is for those who live in the moment, and never let an opportunity for adventure slide by. Bandit doesn’t need to be swirled in a crystal bordeaux glass, it’s a casual wine meant to go where you go.

Bandit, the whenever wine.

Target: Active adults who like to do.


Wine League

Drinking isn’t the activity, but it’s necessary to participate.
Why should beer win all the time? Wine is typically fancier than beer, but it doesn’t mean wine lovers don’t want to compete. We’ve taken our favorite childhood games and recreational sports and made them for adults with a boozy twist.


Meet people at places they wish they had some wine. We’ll give them a glass of wine and an insulated fanny pack specifically made to carry Bandit boxes. Inside the pack will be a handout featuring our manifesto.

This flyer will be inside the fanny pack coolers.