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Anti-Vax PSA: End The Spread


  • Alyssa Trocina, Art Director, 7th quarter
  • Christian Zerbel, Copywriter, 7th quarter


  • Advertising - Integrated Campaign

A public information campaign that spreads through communities online, just like measles does in real life.

Coupling Facebook’s wealth of data and ability to hyper-target their ads, we’ll push sponsored content toward
a handful of users who interact with anti-vax pages.

The ads “spread” from one account to another through likes, messaging, comments, or shares.

Beginning in anti-vax circles, the campaign will eventually spread over the entire Facebook network.

All ads lead to EndTheSpread.com, which hosts a live map of the virus over the entire Facebook community.
It allows users to track the virus from its origins, and through their own network.

We’ll assign real measles symptoms to the infected so users can check the virtual “health statuses” of their friends.
To stop the targeted ads users can simply choose to vaccinate.

The site will host further information on the real measles virus, highlight the benefits of vaccination, and show users where to get them.